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12 Weeks Ultra Barber Course. - £4600

12 Weeks Ultra Barber Course. - £4600

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Job Ready Course

12 week Barber Course. NVQ level 2. PABD Diploma.

Introducing the Elite 12-Week NVQ Level 2 Barber Course: Elevate Your Skills with Unmatched Excellence!

Are you ready to take your barbering career to new heights? Step into the spotlight of success with our extended 12-Week NVQ Level 2 Barber Course, meticulously crafted to provide you with an unparalleled learning experience like no other. Embrace the advantages of studying for a longer duration, and watch your barbering prowess flourish to extraordinary levels.

Advantages of Our Extended 12-Week Course

Comprehensive Skill Development: Unlike shorter courses, our 12-week program allows for an in-depth exploration of every aspect of barbering. You'll have more time to perfect your cutting techniques, refine your styling finesse, and gain mastery in the art of grooming.

Immersive Hands-On Training: The extended duration gives you ample opportunities to practice your skills on a diverse range of clients. From classic haircuts to intricate beard designs, you'll get real-world experience that is invaluable for your future success.

Enhanced Creativity and Artistry: Barbering is an art form, and mastering it requires time. Our 12-week course lets you push the boundaries of creativity, experiment with new styles, and develop your own signature techniques, setting you apart as a true artist in the industry.

Personalized Attention: With a longer timeframe, our expert instructors can invest more time in each student. You'll receive personalized feedback, tailored guidance, and mentorship, ensuring you progress at a pace that suits your unique learning style.

Deeper Understanding of Theory: While practical skills are vital, a strong theoretical foundation is equally essential. Our extended course allows for more in-depth theory sessions, covering essential topics like client consultation, product knowledge, and health and safety practices.

Portfolio Building: Over the 12 weeks, you'll build an impressive portfolio showcasing your evolving skills. This portfolio becomes a valuable asset when seeking employment opportunities or starting your own barbershop in the future.

Confidence and Professionalism: The extended duration not only sharpens your technical abilities but also boosts your confidence and professionalism. You'll graduate as a well-rounded barber, capable of handling any challenge that comes your way.

Industry Connections: As you progress through the 12 weeks, you'll have more opportunities to network with professionals and potential employers. Our course has a reputation for producing top-tier barbers, opening doors to exciting career prospects.

Gradual Learning Curve: Our 12-week course is designed with a gradual learning curve, ensuring you absorb the knowledge at a pace that fosters deep understanding and long-term retention.

Enrol in our Extended 12-Week NVQ Level 2 Barber Course today and unleash the full potential of your barbering talents. Prepare to become a cut above the rest as you excel in this thriving industry. Don't just settle for ordinary; embrace the extraordinary journey of becoming an exceptional barber.

Our 12 Week NVQ daytime course runs Monday - Friday.

Days 11am - 4.30pm


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